• The common
    ideal of FEI is

    To benefit human well-being and world peace.
  • The common
    belief of FEI is

    Truth, goodness, beauty" and "boundless love.
  • The common
    pursuit of FEI is

    Recognized by the public, participated by public, shared by the public.
  • The common
    philosophy of FEI is

    Which integrity, performance and innovation.

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FEI Capital

FEI Capital carries the FEI Group's financial sector functions, relying on the FEI Group's industrial background, builds a complete chain of financial industries, continuously strengthens financial services and is committed to creating world-class financial and world-class financial brands.

FEI Technology

Was established in December 2016, is the FEI Group for the future strategic layout of the large industrial holding group, headquartered in Singapore. The company's business covers the world, is committed to becoming a global representative of the technology holding group.

FEI Travel

FEI Group is a large-scale carrier group of FEI Group, which is based on the huge tourism market and FEI Group's aviation, tourism industry's future development potential, to create a "shared, shared, open, eco" flight platform, covering aviation, Hotels, tourism, food and other fields.

FEI Industries

FEI Industries is an international real estate finance industry group that FEI Group has developed and debuted on the world stage in the course of rapid growth for many years. Its industries include real estate, business, finance, education, medical and other formats, covering Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau, New York and other regions.

FEI Innovative Finance

FEI Innovative Finance is a large financial services group under the FEI Group, which covers business segments such as commodity trade, financial investment, consumer financial products and services, and is headquartered in Singapore.

FEI new media

FEI new media as the world's top 500 FEI Group's youngest industry group, adhering to the "ecology, sharing, sharing" concept, layout media and pan-entertainment two business, focus on improving the cultural and entertainment industry scale, intensive, professional Level, to create a world-class IP and world-class sharing platform.

Our Services

Wealth Management

Through the customer's financial situation, financial needs, investment preferences and other aspects of a comprehensive analysis, to provide customers with high-quality financial products, exclusive asset allocation program and a wide range of value-added services.

Cultural Tourism

Covering real estate funds, PE investment, asset management, pawn and other financial services, mainly engaged in short-term investment and other business. Relying on professional team of resource advantages for enterprises to provide convenient, compliance, low-cost liquidity.

Asset Management

Private banking business, overseas trust, family heritage, tax planning and all kinds of overseas insurance products, through different products and services to help customers a reasonable allocation of foreign assets, planning future life, wealth heritage.

About Us

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  • FEI Group was founded in 2012, headquartered in the international financial center of Singapore. At present, the Group has 45 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, the number of employees about 290000 people, management assets exceeded 330 billion. Group business has been distributed around the world, and in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macao, New York, London and other regions with branch offices.The company holding or equity participation of a number of listed companies, linkage entities to invest in promoting the integration of industry and financial, formed a set of wealth management, cultural tourism, asset management, and other three plates as one of the business system.

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On May 20, the delegation flew from Hong Kong to Thailand, arrived in Bangkok, by the local police car to open the way. FEI International Financial Group Greater China CEO Du Dahua,the CPPCC members...
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